Nicola Davies visits White Woman Lane!

Year 6 Set 2H had the opportunity to interview author Nicola Davies…..

1. Who or what inspired you to write children’s books?

She comes from a family of readers. She also worked as a TV presenter. When he war s shaving Nicola’s father would recite poems.

2. Which character is your favourite out of all of your books?

Her favourite characters are the three children called cheepo gentle and dedo.

3. How old were you when you wrote your first book?
She was 40 when she wrote her first proper book called BIG BLUE WHALE.

4. What is it like being an author and what do you like best about being one?

She researches a lot. She go’s to other countries and helps animals.

5. What is your favourite book that you have written?

Her favourite book is LOTS which is about animals. And another book called tiny which is on the same lines as LOTS.

6. Which book are you most proud of?
Tiny,the pond- which is about a refugee and perfect- about a disabled child.

7. Which animal charities do you support?
She supports world land trust charity.

8. Who was your favourite author when you were a child? Sherryl

J.R.R Tolkein and Gerald Durrald Alice st udley.

9. Why do most of your books focus on the theme of nature?
Because that’s my passion because nature is important.

10. Do you ever find it difficult to think of ideas for a book? Libby

Not really but everyone struggles.

By Josh and Zach.

Interview Questions for Nicola Davies (Children’s author)

1. Who or what inspired you to write children’s books?

She comes from a family of readers and her dad always
Read and recited poems to her

2. Which character is your favourite out of all of your books?

The girl from the book promise is one of her favourite
Also a book called The rubbish town hero.

3. How old were you when you wrote your first book?

She was 31/32 but she was 40 when she wrote her first proper book.

4. What is it like being an author and what do you like best about being one?

Visiting schools and festivals to encourage them to read and write.

5.What is your favourite book that you have written?

A book called lots because it is all about animals and another one called tiny because it is really scientific.

6.Which book are you most proud of?

Tiny The pond The day the war came and Perfect.

7. Which animal charities do you support?

The world Lamb Trust because it stops animals to get their habitat distruid.

8. Who was your favourite author when you were a child?
Cover to cover,lord of the ring book
The country child

9. Why do most of your books focus on the theme of nature? Ayva
That was her great passion in life.

10. Do you ever find it difficult to think of ideas for a book?

She doesn’t because she has done it for a while but when she started she did.

By Sheryll and Libby

Interview Questions for Nicola Davies (Children’s author)

1. Who or what inspired you to write children’s books?

She lives in a readers family and her dad read her poetry in the bathroom.
She also got inspired by being a children’s TV presenter and a zoologist.

2. Which character is your favourite out of all of your books?

A little girl from the book the promise and Chipo, Gente, Dedo and a dog called Mouse.

3. How old were you when you wrote your first book? Grace

She was 31 when she wrote for the BBC education but her first proper book was called the big blue whale when she was 40.

4. What is it like being an author and what do you like best about being one?

Because of research, traveling, talking, videos, interviews, articles, presentation and visiting schools.

5. What is your favourite book that you have written?

A book called tiny and the day the war came.

6. Which book are you most proud of?
The promise and perfect.

7. Which animal charities do you support?

World land trust.

8. Who was your favourite author when you were a child?

Jerrel Durrel and the country child.

9. Why do most of your books focus on the theme of nature?

It is her passion and it is very important to her.

10. Do you ever find it difficult to think of ideas for a book?

No hardly ever because writers will find it more difficult to write it on paper. Nicola Davies has written 60 books (Mostly picture books)

By Freddie and Bailey

Alien Invasion Day!


On the 20th of March white woman lane had an alien invasion day. We had to investigate all around the school for clues. We had to investigate the lowerschool playground ,the library bus, the UFO crash on the lodge and the court yard. Mrs Starkings and Mrs Pye were the witnesses, Mrs Starkings told us about when she got to school early and she saw a shadow and she thought it was Mr Smith and she followed it and when she got to the mound she saw purple lights and ran to the lodge. Mrs Pye said that there was slime all over the bus and that some of the books were missing from the shelf and there were books all over the floor about earth and how we live. At the end they were the nice kind of aliens but we all had a really fun day!
By Imogen 6H

Alien invasion day was a really fun day, lots to do and a lot of evidence to find out why the aliens visited. This got us thinking and working hard. The first activity was the footprints on the lower school play-ground, we had to work hard trying to figure out who the footprints belonged to. Our second activity was to go and look at UFOs, we had to think how they got there and what the lights were. We all had to keep focused and try to solve the mystery of the UFO of WWLS. Thirdly, we went to the crash site and Mrs Starkings gave her account of what happened and what she saw. Our third activity was the library bus, we saw hand prints in slime, books on the floor but still no fingerprints. We found out it had 4 fingers so it couldn’t be human. To back up our case for why it had no finger-prints- we found out that only humans, primates and koalas have fingerprints. Our last activity was in the courtyard we had to figure out why all the objects were on the floor there were: English and maths books, pencils, pens, and sharpers and we had to find out why they were there. At the end of the day we had to write a report about such an exciting day and what we thought the alien creature was.

Clare Balding Event


On Tuesday 27th September, a group of children in Year 6 went to a Clare Balding workshop. Here are their comments below…..

Clare Balding Trip
On the 27th of September 2016, year 6 group 1 guided reading went to see Clare Balding about her first ever children’s book, The Racehorse that wouldn’t Gallop! We travelled to The Open (where the event was being held) on the mini bus with Mrs Dimas who was coming with us and Mrs Starkings drove us there. The lucky children who got to go to this event were Anya, Eve, Jude, Kyle, Clark, Finley and Ashton.
When we got to The Open, we went inside and sat down. Afterwards we went and bought our copy of Clare Balding’s new book and once we sat down again, she came up onto the stage! She told us some interesting things about her book and read one part of it then showed us a video of her nephew interviewing one of the jockeys that worked at the place where Clare grew up.
After she had finished talking to us, we were given an activity sheet to do while we waited to go upstairs and meet Clare Balding herself and also get our books signed! About 20 minutes later we finally got to see her and then we waited outside for the mini bus and went back to school.
It was an amazing day and I would go again any time!

Clare balding trip
We first got on the minibus and set of. Once there we queued up and waited to go in. we were all very excited. We took our seats and watched and listened to Clare tell us about her amazing book. She also told us about her trip to Brazil and her liking to horses. After that she read us a passage of her new book .we then saw a video of a nephew interviewing a famous jockey. We all then headed upstairs, the que was huge but it was totally worth it. We were last and I got my book signed. I sat on a chair and waited until everybody got there book signed. We waited outside until the minibus arrived, me and my friends talked all about it on the way back. It’s definitely a trip to remember.

Clare balding visit
On the 27th of September 2016 group 1 of beta went to see Clare balding the children who went were:Clark, Kyle ,Jude , Ashton , Anya ,Eve and Finley.First we got on the bus although we had the wrong keys so we went on the different bus.It took about 15 mins to get there.There was this one car that followed us most the way.Then we got there, it was a sea of seats and a stage with a seat and a table.Finaly she got on the stage and talked about her childhood and her wanting to be a dog until she was 5;Also she talked about her amazing book. Then we waited about 40 mins to get our books signed.Then finaly we got back to school.

Clare Balding visit
On the 27th of September 2016, a group of 7 people from WWLS went to see the famous celebrity , Clare Balding: Anya, Eve, Ashton, Finley, Jude, Kyle, Clark. It took us 25 minutes to get to the open in the city.(Including the 10 minutes we spent getting the right minibus. The open was a big building, and was now full of schools, but Clare was still not there. But then we had to wait about 30 minutes until Clare Balding got on the stage but it was worth it. She told us all about her childhood and thought she was a dog until she was 5 and stopped until she was 14. Her Dad’s horse in his horse yard got old and would only race and gallop n get without a sheep, that’s what inspired Clare to write the race horse who wouldn’t gallop. After Clare explained all about her life and her new exciting book, we had to wait another 20 odd minutes, before went to get our new books signed and get on the minibus and go home and finish our school day. It was exciting visiting Clare and very interesting.

The day as usual getting up and going to school having register. But then I got called to go to see Clare Balding. We went to the toilet and got are things then we went outside. When we got the coach it wouldn’t open. After we had tried a few times and even though the light was flashing when we turned around, the over coach was flashing.Around five minutes later the women was still following.After that journey we got to were Barclays Bank used to be. We hopped of the coach and stood up against the wall next to safe. However there were only two schools which couldn’t is enough … until another few schools showed up. I saw James and Kingsley. After all of the schools showed up, we had to go up some old stairs, and we were in a lit up building. When we walked in, there was a huge table full of books and around 300 chairs! We were lucky because we were in the second row. After a few minutes it was our turn to go and get books. I didn’t have any money so I couldn’t have one and neither could Kyle. Everybody else got a book though. After we got out of the line and sat down again Jude’s book cover came off and the book was purple.Finally we saw Clare Balding getting told where to go and then she came on stage. At the start of our speech she sounded very confident and that’s how I need to speak in Antony and Cleopatra. She started to talk about race horses and her childhood and then she said that she was 24 when she managed her first Olympics in Beijing. She started to talk about race horses and her childhood and how she thought she was a dog. After that she told us about her life on a racehorse farm. She said it was very fun as she got to ride her very first race horse 18 months old. As soon as she told us about that, she talked about how her father rode a race horse that won a competition.

Clare Balding Visit
On Tuesday the 27th of September 2016, White Woman Lane Junior School took 7 year 6 pupils for a trip with Clare Baling. Those lucky kids were Jude , Clark, Kyle, Eve, Anya , Ashton and Finley. Mrs.Starkings drove us and Mrs.Dimas assisted us.
When we got there we had to wait outside for a bit because there was a problem inside. When we got in there she had appeared. She had white blonde hair cut into a little bob , she had bright blue eyes and a lovely smile .
First of all she told us about her child –hood and how she grew up in a horse farm . Clare told us that when she was 2 she thought she was a dog and she didn’t realise that she wasn’t until she was 5-25.Next she showed us a video of her shy nephew inter-viewing a famous jockey were Clare’s child-hood was .
After that she wanted us to look at people who won gold at the Olympics. Some of the topics where Gymnastics , Paralympic running , Paralympic swimming and Swimming .
Then finally we were going to get our books and then get them signed. We excitedly ran up to the book stand and bought our books. (everyone brought a book except Finley and Kyle so they couldn’t get anything signed.)When it was our turn to get them signed we had to go up some stairs and she was sat at the top of them covered in the left over books.
Personally I had a great time, I would love to do it again and I’m sure everyone else did and would too!

Meeting Clare balding
On the 27th of September 2016 a group of 7 people from WWLS containing Kyle, Anya, Clark, Jude, Eve, Ashton and Finley we also bought 2 members of staff with us. When we were going to the minibus we found out that it wasn’t opening this went on for about 10 minutes until we realized that it was actually opening the other minibus. Then we got on went to see Clare Balding it took around 15 minutes to get there when we arrived we had to queue only little amount because we were one of the first schools to get there. We got in and there were so many chairs there was easily over 100 of them we were in the 2nd row and the stage infront of us was absolutely staggering we waited for 20 minutes or there about and then she finally came on. She started telling us about her childhood and also her career which was very interesting as I found out that she was the last one to ride the winning horse of a race before it died in the picture it was just her with no supervision at all this is what inspired her to write her most recent and her first children book. She started asking people for any questions which were amusing then she told everyone that she would sign books and posters for us we were last to join the queue as we were waiting for 30 minutes we joined the queue and it was very quick when we got our books and posters signed we got given a bookmark for being the last in queue. We then went back to school after a very exciting event.

WWL’s Got Talent

On Wednesday 25th of May 2016, it was ‘The Finals for WWLS Got Talent’.
The finalists were:
-Laura Stafford
-Ammar Hameed
-Thomas Southern
– Luke Hill
-Olivia Stevenson
-Caitlin Stevenson
-Skye Wells
-Daisy Wigger
-Emil Oulare
-Thomas Sartain
– Henry Mann
-John Nundy
-Max Southern
-Ruseth Antony
Some of the categories of the finalists were:
The acts performed by these wonderful people were amazing and it was so nice to see the hidden talents of children in this school.
I particularly liked the comedy ones since they made the whole crowd laugh and got everyone going. You never know what a human is capable of and it’s amazing when you do know. In my opinion I think everyone who didn’t and did go to the finals should have won. Everyone in this school has a talent and hidden or not, it’s amazing and you should remember that.
Special Thanks To Mr Q for arranging the show, Lacy Maxwell-Stuart for entertaining us, Mr Reeve for helping to play the audio and the audience for being supportive.

By Amina

Poetry Club


My dream is to a live in a Castle and be Gymnast

these are a few of my favourite dreams…

legs fell off hands and feet to these are a few of my nightmares too,

to be a model and loose my teeth ,

these are some weird one’s too,

my favourite thing ballet, street , commercial and dynamics.

Something and something would equal a few of my favourite dreams.

When the dogs bite and the bees sting when I’m feeling sad I just think of my favourite dreams.

By Daisy W and Rhiana T- Year 5

Poetry Club


Fall asleep close eyes

Listen to the rap I give

Think about a movie star

Build a block out of lego

Become an author

Think of pigs,storys  in your head

Now imagine coming from the dead

Think of a dream

Think of a dream

Think of a dream

Become a man in a dream

Or a girl in ballet

Maybe a pug dancing

Start from low turnout top

Think of dreams and kings

Girls and queens

Foods and biscuits

Sleep tight make sure the…

Oh never mind they’re not hungry


By Luke H- Year 6

The Water Horse Book Review


This is a story about an egg that hatches and was found on a beach by a girl called Kirstie who took it home and only told Angus Kirstie’s brother and their mother’s dad, Grumble, their mother found out and told them that it had to go back to where he came from  they put him in their fish pond and called him Crusoe.

For more go to your local book shop!

By Emil and Phoebe Year 4






Kensuke’s Kingdom Book Review

Hi we’re Harriet and Charlotte and we’re here to give a review on the book Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.

Kensuke’s Kingdom was the book upper school read for the H2O reading project. It is a very good book and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

The book is about a boy, Michael, who goes on the voyage with his family and their dog around the world. After leaving Sydney, heading towards Papa New Guinea, Michael falls off the boat and soon finds himself washed up on an island. He is dying of thirst and hunger and falls asleep to pass away. However in the morning he finds a nice surprise…

We think you should read this book because it is really exciting and there are lots of questions that need to be answered.

These are our thoughts on the book now go to your local  library (or the school’s!) and read it for yourself!


Harriet and Charlotte



The H2O Project

FullSizeRender (13)

The H2O reading project took place on the 16th-20th of November.

Lower-school read and did activities based on “The Water Horse” by Dick King-Smith and Upper-School read and did activities based on “Kensuke’s Kingdom” by Michael Morpurgo.

We also collected some quotes so we could find other’s opinions. “I liked reading Kensuke’s Kingdom. It was very interesting!” Said Ben .R, 6J.

“I think the H2O reading project was adventurous.” Said Skye    4S.

On the last day, parents came to help their children to make jellyfish with poem lines on their tentacles to put on display for the H2O reading project.  And a massive thankyou to all the parents that attended the activity.

Many enjoyed the project and hope there will be another one.

By Ammar, Noah, Kaia, Megan 6B